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Gaudi SSF owned by Shooting Star Farm .All of these horses, especially the dressage horses for sale, have exceptional gaits and athleticism.  Whether they are foals or mature horses their movement only gets better.  You will not find another farm in the United States that has the amount of dutch harness horses for sale or dutch harness crosses for sale of such quality and versatility. Five Phases Farm has connected with other breeders to help their sales horses to get exposure. We recently added a warmblood breeder who breeds, imports, and shows his horses in the hunter/jumper divisions and does extremely well. We are excited to help all of the horses for sale here to find their new homes!

These horses are bred for quality not off of pedigree alone.  Pedigree is great but we’ve seen some of theImported KWPN Dutch harness stallion Sandokan 2 best bloodlines that have absolutely no movement, poor comformation, and/or no talent especially for the upper levels of any discipline.  As a buyer, you need to look for the movement, conformation and temperament. If the pedigree doesn’t have the top or popular bloodlines…who cares. As a trainer, owner, or breeder we all know pedigree is good to a point but in the end it’s movement and trainability…. which these horses have.

Approved KWPN Stallion Jaleet SSF - owned by Shooting Star Farm .Our goal is to sell these horses at a reasonable price to owners, breeders and trainers that will show them in dressage, driving, or jumpers and give the breed the recognition it deserves.

You will find horses are by Dutch Harness Stallions Sandokan, Jaleet, Dondersteen, and warmblood stallions  Gaudi, Quincy Car, and others.  Both Sandokan and Gaudi were imported as youngsters.  Each stallion stamps their offspring with great minds, super movement, good conformation and flash.

You can see these hunter/jumper or eventing prospects, driving and cde horses, dressage horses for sale in Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, and Florida.  Each horse has listed where they are loQuincy Car Grand Prix Stallion owned by Fernando Cardenascated.

If you see a horse you like and is out of your price range please contact us as we may have others available or negotiate on the price.



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2021 KWPN Filly Rachelle
2021 KWPN Filly Rarianne
2021 KWPN Filly Regina
2021 KWPN Filly Resiree
2021 KWPN Colt Rex
Rocky 2021 KWPN Colt Rocky
2021 KWPN Colt Rolex
2021 KWPN Filly Roseanne


2020 ADHHA Colt Parker
2020 KWPN Colt Patriot
2020 KWPN Gelding Pettigrew
2020 KWPN Colt Phoenix
2020 ADHHA Colt Zilbert


2019 KWPN Gelding Oakley
2019 KWPN Gelding Orlando
2019 KWPN Filly Orleen
2019 KWPN Gelding Damil's Ranger - FPF


2018 KWPN Gelding Naandrager
2018 KWPN Filly Notinke


2017 KWPN Mare Monica


2014 Selle Francais Mare Evita Car
2010 Selle Francais Gelding Alani Car