Starting Horses

Five Phases Farm specializes in starting and training horses for dressage, jumping and driving.  Roger does an extensive amount of groundwork with the both unstarted or started horses before he puts a rider on or hooks a carriage to them.  He starts them by teaching each to lunge, has them wear the driving harness to help desensitize, surcingle with bridle and side reins is the last step before he starts long lining.

Once they’ve finished all the groundwork successfully they begin their training under saddle.  We start teaching every horse the fundamentals of dressage training.  They learn how to accept the bit, move off the leg, forward at the walk, trot, and canter.  Once they are doing these correctly we start hacking them outside of the ring and take them off the farm so they get comfortable being away from home.

As we continue their training it is our goal to make sure each horse enjoys their job by working outside of the ring, jump and/or drive them so they don’t become board.

Dressage Training

We offer full training with FEI Dressage rider/trainer Alex Robertson. Alex is an extremely talented trainer. He never asks too much of a horse or rider. His approach is very methodical and he always praises his horses during their training sessions.  He accepts horses in full or partial training from Training Level through Grand Prix, for both horse and/or rider. Alex is also available for clinics local or long distance.

If you’re trying to get sell your horse or buy one, Alex has a proven record of getting clients horses sold. He is upfront, honest and discloses any concerns or issues a horse has.

Driving Training

Roger starts young horses to drive and can train them for pleasure shows, combined driving and coaching. He is also available for lessons at the farm or at your place.

Training and Services

We have a beautiful block barn that has mats in every stall. The stalls have lots of air flow and each stall has it’s own ceiling fan too.

We have two stall sizes: 12 x 12 and 12 x 24

Board & Training is 4 to 6 days of training which includes:

Board ~ $650 small stall – $850 large stall

  • Quality hay and grain 3 times a day
  • Stall cleaned daily
  • Private turn out

 Training ~ Call For Price

  • Starting horses ~ which requires a minimum of 3 months
  • Dressage training, jumping, driving
  • Training to the Phantom
  • Keuring Preparation
  • In-hand show preparation
  • Standing a stallion for stud
  • Horse Shows

If you would like to ship in for a lesson or horse ridden is $75.

For ground work,  having  your horse driven or driving lesson with your own equipment is $75.

If you don’t have equipment call for price.